Fulfilling the Vision

Kenya’s help.

Kenya has been amazing throughout this whole process. The level of patience she has shown as we work through each step is greatly helpful and appreciated. I like the way she started the whole process by having me think about what I wanted to get out of it and what my vision was for myself, my home and my work. I also like how she starts each session with a moment of meditation as it helps focus my mind on the activities we are about to do. She is good at providing links to helpful videos and documents that provide insights and suggestions on how to de-clutter, fold, organize etc. This makes it easier to work on things when she is not physically there. During/after each stage, she provides recommendations on what items could be purchased or repurposed to help with the organization of our stuff. Her suggestions are things I NEVER would have thought of and each suggestion I have implemented I have been happy with. This includes recommendations such as organizers, space dividers, plants for the kitchen and bathroom, and a closet system for my bedroom. Throughout it all she maintains a wonderful personality and genuine interest and commitment to help me reach my vision. She never judges and only comes across as being there to truly help. I look forward to each of her visits not only because of what we accomplish but because of who she is as a person and how pleasant she is to be around.


The cluttered nature of my office space had been an on-going joke on my team for years. I had stacks of papers everywhere, a cabinet full of food and an overall look of being disorganized. Though I had “systems” in place to find things I needed, they weren’t exactly efficient. In just a few hours, Kenya helped me organize my space to make it not only look professional but also be more efficient. After this process my work space was so transformed that my supervisor asked me if I was planning to quit and therefore cleaning out my space. She genuinely thought I was leaving because what my office looks like now is so different to what it has been the past 5 years. Though it was challenging to adjust to the change since at first I felt like I had lost some of my personality, I can’t imagine going back to what it was before.


Going through this process has had a fundamental impact on how I evaluate the “things” in my life. I now look at items in how they contribute to joy in my life and help fulfill the vision of WHO and HOW I want to be. The first step was clothing, which I had more than enough of. By adopting Kenya’s recommendation to arrange items by color and to fold/hang them so I can easily see everything I had, I realize how much I have of certain items. Knowing this makes it easier not to by excessive stuff as I have come to realize I don’t “need” anything more. I have adopted a “gap” mentality where I identify specific gaps in my wardrobe and commit to only filling in those gaps, nothing more. Not only does this prevent me spending money I don’t need to spend, but it prevents me from living a life of excess, something I want to avoid.

Going through this process with my new husband in our new house has both benefits and challenges. In the paper stage we sat next to each other as we went through our papers. It became a time of bonding as we laughed over old school report cards, pay slips and other items that caused us to discuss some of our past experiences and memories. We discussed some of our favorite books as we decided what to keep or what to get rid of. On the flip side, we also don’t always agree on what should be kept in the house and this has led to a few disagreements. We are learning how to listen to each other, make compromises and fine-tune “our” vision for what should be kept in the house. As we go through each step we are increasingly happy with what our new home looks and feels like. We find we are surrounded by the items that bring us both joy and reflect who we are as individuals and as a couple.

Angelia S. (December 2019)