Residing in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area in Georgia, Kenya has been trained by Marie Kondo and her team in the specialized decluttering and organizational plan called the KonMari Method™. Kenya holds an MSW and has 18 years of coaching, advising and counseling experience.

The Process

Learn how the art of intentional decluttering and tidying can be life transforming  and not as emotionally and physically exhausting as you might think.  Kenya helps clients declutter and organize their home and life.

The Methodology

The methodology is important because it gives you the opportunity to  put your space/home through a detox. The process may take a few days or perhaps weeks and even months to complete but the  end result will leave your feeling  self-empowered, liberated and anchored.

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As someone who values a simplistic lifestyle, and prides herself on being neat and organized, I never thought I would find myself in need of tidying support. As a single woman, mother of two, educator and entrepreneur my minimalist lifestyle took a downward turn over the course of the pandemic. In addition to working and schooling from home, I had to find a new place to live. I was completely overwhelmed with life and my home environment told the story. 


Vanya F.

Kenya has been amazing throughout this whole process. The level of patience she has shown as we work through each step is greatly helpful and appreciated. I like the way she started the whole process by having me think about what I wanted to get out of it and what my vision was for myself, my home and my work. I also like how she starts each session with a moment of meditation as it helps focus my mind on the activities we are about to do.