Kenya is trained by Marie Kondo and her team in the specialized decluttering and organizational plan called the KonMari Method™. Through this method, Kenya helps individuals live a more intentional life by providing guidance and coaching on decluttering and organizing. Utilizing home organization to guide people from their known past into their unknown future; her mission is help clients gain a more intentional lifestyle and the tools needed to live a clutter free life.

The KonMari Method is a behavioral change model that focuses on joy and teaches clients how to tidy in the following order (declutter by category not location):

  1. Clothing
  2. Books
  3. Paper
  4. Komono
    • CDs, DVDs, Records
    • Skin care products
    • Hair Care Products
    • Make-up perfume
    • Jewelry
    • Valuables (passport, credit cards, ect)
    • Electronic equipment
    • Household supplies (cleaning supplies, medicine, ect)
    • Tools (home and gardening)
    • Linens
    • Kitchen items
    • Emergency supplies
    • Hobbies (crafts, collectibles, ect)
    • Gifts,
    • Seasonal items (holiday decor)
    • Home decor/Furniture
  5. Sentimental

Kenya provides coaching through each category and guidance on how to organize the space in a way that helps clients create their own home sanctuary with a focus on the vision they have for their home. In order to see lasting results clients tidy in the order above and each category must be complete before moving to the next category. The process can take several weeks to months. Clients will learn how to re-purpose boxes, fold clothes and most importantly how to keep their personal space tidy. This isn’t just a decluttering process it’s a lifestyle change. Are you ready?

Consultation: Complimentary 45 minute phone consultations are offered. During the phone call you will discuss your goals, vision, expectations and the decluttering and organizing process.

In Person Tidying Lessons and Organizing Fees (Atlanta/Decatur, Georgia areas only): The in-person tidying session fee is $75 per hour (minimum of three hours). Clients receive in-person coaching on decluttering using the KonMari Method and guidance on living a more intentional and clutter free lifestyle.

All Clients Will Receive The Following:

Virtual Tidying Lessons and Organizing Fees: Beginning May 1st virtual sessions are $65 per session with a minimum of 3 lessons (195). Clients receive virtual coaching on decluttering using the KonMari Method and guidance on living a more intentional and clutter free lifestyle. Sessions are conducted using Zoom.

A house that is cluttered is not a home, it is a place of chaos that lacks peace, balance or harmony; ultimately hampering creativity and peace and stagnating growth. Questions to ask yourself: Do your possessions bring you joy or are they placeholders for your emotions, memories and dreams? Do you understand the impact your personal space has on you in totality (mind, body and spirit)? Are you really ready to let go? Are you intentional about how you take care of your personal space and do you show and express gratitude for all of your belongings? What’s your “joy” factor?

6 thoughts on “SERVICES”

  1. Kenya… you are the manifestation of love and life personified. I am excited for this next chapter and all of the people who will be on this journey. Thank you for envisioning, creating and living the world you want to see for yourself and others. You are loved and deeply appreciated.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the kind comment. I am humbled. Thank you for your continued support and appreciation! You are equally loved and appreciated!!


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