Growing up in Oakland, California and Louisville, Kentucky, Kenya’s family would describe her as the poster child for messiness. Her bedroom was always cluttered, clothes scattered, things “all over the place.” Throughout college and young adulthood the same actions manifested; but after feeling stagnant in her personal and professional growth, Kenya realized her personal space was a reflection of who she was in totality and she wanted to be more intentional about how she lived.

Her journey led her to study and research self-love, self-compassion, Ayurveda, mindfulness, yoga, and meditation-all of which helped her mind, body and spirit. However, her physical living space still needed attention in order to bring everything into balance……………. and by no coincidence she found the KonMari Method™.

She began to declutter and organize her home utilizing the principles of Marie Kondo from the book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” (You can read all about the details of her journey here.). As Kenya applied the process of purging and discarding physical items that did not bring her joy, she transformed her living spaces and also transformed her relationship with her home. This process was so enlightening and transformative that she sought training on how to assist others through the same processes. Kenya began the rigorous process to become a professional organizer certified in the KonMari Method™ in 2019, starting with a seminar where she learned directly from Marie Kondo and her team.

As a prolific globetrotter, dancer, avid photographer, connoisseur and creator of unique art, being all over the place for Kenya is both love and trade, career and lifestyle, mental, physical, and spiritual. In order to fully appreciate it all and find more balance, Kenya discarded the clutter, redesigned her life and personal spaces, and turned “home” into a sanctuary, an escape, and a place of peace. She does the same for her clients and she can do the same for you.

You too can live the Compassionate Badassery Life – a term Kenya coined which means:

  • living with intentionality, in a decluttered environment filled with self-care;
  • self-compassion that can produce a more mindful, compassionate, ego free life of joy, that is still bold, empowering, fearless, and health driven!

With a background in social work (BA from Clark Atlanta University and MSW from Howard University) and training in the KonMari Method™, Kenya’s professional experience helps her clients navigate the emotional challenges encountered when decluttering and “letting go.” Additionally, Kenya brings an eclectic, holistic style to her coaching, influenced and inspired by mindfulness principles and her time spent all over the world in 37 different countries and 6 continents. She is excited to work with you-click here to contact her for more information.

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