all over the place

Travel, Dance, Art, Food, Tidying, Life, Work, Play, Love; they all keep me busy.  I have moments of stillness and mindfulness, but they are only moments.  Don’t judge!

I write to release the laughter, thoughts, pain, and daydreams.

My therapy is Dance.

My creative outlet is sewing and photography.

My guilty pleasure is eating.

My ability to help others let go and reorganize is my gift.

Through travel my sense of adventure is nurtured.

My body is healed and responds to yoga, boring gym workouts and yucky looking smoothies that taste better than they look.

My love for nature I tantalize with hikes and bike rides.

Through the art of tidying and organizing I create more intentional lives.

Most importantly, I am all over the place and loving it.

With love,



Photography: Photos of me taken by Bravest Coward


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