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Kenya’s goal is to provide essential resources to living an intentional and purposeful life. An important part of the process of planning for the future is thinking about the legacy you want to leave behind. Estate Planning is essential for everyone, even single people! Not having a plan in place could cost your family thousands of dollars. When creating an Estate Plan, ideally you want to work with a lawyer who can help you identify your needs. If you do not have the financial means to pay for a lawyer there are online resources available. See below the link to a local attorney and online resources.

The Lynch Law Group

Diana Lynch, ESQ, has over 25 years experience representing clients in Business, Family Law, Wills & Trusts, Estate Planning & Entertainment Law.



Suze Orman Online

Suze Orman’s online program includes the tools to build your four “must-have” documents: Will, Revocable Trust, Financial Power of Attorney, Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare.

LegalZoom, Inc. is an online legal technology company that helps its customers create legal documents without necessarily having to hire a lawyer. Available documents include wills and living trusts, business formation documents, copyright registrations, and trademark applications