Even greater joy for being in the “lab”

As the planet is currently dealing with the crises of an unprecedented pandemic, I have come to understand the timely reason of why it has taken me several months to pen a review of Kenya Casey’s amazing expertise in Feng Shui that has helped me immensely.


Feng Shui Bagua Map for the Office

Kenya’s help.

Kenya has been amazing throughout this whole process. The level of patience she has shown as we work through each step is greatly helpful and appreciated. I like the way she started the whole process by having me think about what I wanted to get out of it and what my vision was for myself, my home and my work. I also like how she starts each session with a moment of meditation as it helps focus my mind on the activities we are about to do. She is good at providing links to helpful videos and documents that provide insights and suggestions on how to de-clutter, fold, organize etc. This makes it easier to work on things when she is not physically there. During/after each stage, she provides recommendations on what items could be purchased or repurposed to help with the organization of our stuff. Her suggestions are things I NEVER would have thought of and each suggestion I have implemented I have been happy with. This includes recommendations such as organizers, space dividers, plants for the kitchen and bathroom, and a closet system for my bedroom. Throughout it all she maintains a wonderful personality and genuine interest and commitment to help me reach my vision. She never judges and only comes across as being there to truly help. I look forward to each of her visits not only because of what we accomplish but because of who she is as a person and how pleasant she is to be around.



Fulfilling the Vision

They say ” Life is Divine Chaos ” and my home was divine chaos, it was neat and clean on the surface, but beneath the surface  OMG…cabinets, closets with clothes, home office “Papers,” …drawers, kitchen, pantries, books and the old pictures of my past life.. they represented the biggest emotional chaos. I had 40-50 huge bags of “STUFF.” I think they call it letting go and change, but thanks to Kenya’s loving but firm guidance, I can breathe and be creative. Thank you, Kenya – t was worth it ! – Dr Tates


Life is Divine Chaos