Vanya F.

As someone who values a simplistic lifestyle, and prides herself on being neat and organized, I never thought I would find myself in need of tidying support. As a single woman, mother of two, educator and entrepreneur my minimalist lifestyle took a downward turn over the course of the pandemic. In addition to working and schooling from home, I had to find a new place to live. I was completely overwhelmed with life and my home environment told the story. 

I’ve always admired how Kenya walks her talk and lives a purposeful life. After following her personal tidying journey and the way she transformed her life, I decided to reach out to her for assistance. I can honestly say, it was one of the best things I’ve ever done, which has had a lasting impact on my life months after completing the process. Kenya’s compassion, empathy, guidance and tidying expertise created a safe, nurturing space to purge both the physical clutter and emotional baggage that had been weighing me down. I was most surprised by the emotional clearing, which resulted in a beautiful, functional home-work environment I love. Kenya was also an amazing guide for my teenage daughter, who was hesitant at first but is now the tidying expert in our household! If you’re willing to follow the intentional, systematic process she offers, you’re guaranteed to experience a shift that will last for years, possibly a lifetime. I can’t thank Kenya enough for this life-changing experience!