As the planet is currently dealing with the crises of an unprecedented pandemic, I have come to understand the timely reason of why it has taken me several months to pen a review of Kenya Casey’s amazing expertise in Feng Shui that has helped me immensely.

As a college professor I’ve always appreciated the value in having a work space that allows for the best productive output and over the course of my career I’ve developed an affinity for getting in the “zone” while at my desk or as I like call it “going in the lab”. Like many of us, I spend several hours at both my work and home offices. My “lab” largely centers around research and writing projects, instructional prep, and a host of administrative tasks. Until I worked with Kenya, I thought I had it all figured out. As long as I kept the spaces tidy and in good order I was convinced that my work environments were well-equipped to nurture the necessary deliverables. About six months prior to the outbreak of the Covid19 virus, I implemented Kenya’s advice and resources to organize my desks and work spaces. When Kenya shared with me the overwhelming positive results she noticed in her own Feng Shui practices when intentionally placing items in her home, I decided to give it a try. I casually thought since I’ve already mastered “going in the lab” why not try a new approach. In every way, the results were immediate and tremendous! I work more fluidly in my newly designed spaces and I look forward to sitting at my desk, now in the same way a musician might go to the studio lab or a chemist who frequents the science lab. I teach and write history – this is my passion and my life’s work. Incorporating Kenya’s strategies have reenergized my work areas in ways that I never imagined.

I also had no idea that fully shifting my work duties to home during the global Corona virus pandemic would prove rather seamless. The droves of virtual meetings, trainings, emails and online instructional platforms have certainly been an adjustment. However, thanks to my consultation with Kenya my work space is one of refuge, comfort, creativity and solace. This seems so important now as millions of people are working from home. Thank you Kenya, for your Feng Sui magic! Your voice is clear, compassionate and thoughtful. I am so appreciative for this actualized positive change that you have brought in my life. It truly is phenomenal to have an even greater joy for being in the “lab”. The Bagua Map Method works for me. You rock!