Your body is your temple, just like your home is your sanctuary. Take care of both and you will find they will take care of you. Cultivating a practice of intentionality will ultimately create synchronicity in your life. – Kenya

Declutter your mind, body and Sprit! The tidying/decluttering journey is a holistic process requiring one to tend to the mind, body and soul. Kenya encourages clients to not only tidy up their homes, but to go inward and develop better living and overall wellness practices. Below are a few Kenya’s favorite practitioners who specialize in healing the body!


Cherished Life

Cherished Life is a boutique yoga and wellness company offering compassionate care and holistic wellness for women and mothers-to-be. Vanya Francis’ specialties include Prenatal Yoga, Holistic Birth Doula support, Holistic Health Coaching, and a signature wellness product, Cherished Tea. For those wanting a more personalized experience, she offers private sessions to individuals and small groups.

Maintaining My Sexy

Maintaining My Sexy is a lifestyle. Focusing on what you can control is key to success. There are many facets of life that can be defined as sexy and being sexy starts with you. Living life is a journey. Why not be sexy for the ride? Positive support and encouragement is what we want to offer. How do you maintain your sexy?



Flourish and Balance, LLC (DC, MD area)

The mission of Flourish and Balance Integrative Medicine is simple: We restore balance by giving people the care they need and deserve so that they may flourish. Dr. Safiya McCarter provides tailored medical care to meet client’s unique healthcare needs and goals. She integrates her training as both a Naturopathic doctor and Acupuncturist to effectively treat a wide variety of conditions using safe, evidence-informed natural therapies. Having a mobile practice allows her to bring the medicine to you and your loved ones! Receive your care in the comfort and privacy of your own home. *Remote/Tele-Health are available for Naturopathic Medicine.*

Indigo Wellness

Indigo Wellness is a wholistic integrated naturopathic wellness practice, focusing on all areas of one’s lifestyle including Nutrition, Activity, Stress Management, and Sleep. Headed by Dr. Ayanna Quamina, who splits her time between house calls and virtual visits, she takes patient education as a priority and makes sure each person is comfortable managing their own treatment protocol. She expertly combines her background in psychology, experience with health coaching thousands of clients, and 10+ years of clinical knowledge, to create an individualized plan to fit not just the physical body, but the mental and lifestyle needs as well.

Dr. Stephen Tates

Dr. Stephen Tates is the Director of Dr. Tates Wellness Center based in Atlanta, GA. He has more than 35 years of experience as a Master Herbalist, Nutritionist, and Lifestyle Consultant. His extensive knowledge and experience has earned him the prestigious status of Diplomat of Integrated Medicine. Dr. Tates’ blended approaches of natural healthcare in conjunction with traditional western medical care has earned him respect worldwide. He is also the creator of the all-natural herbal product line: Dr. Tates Herbal Tinctures & Tonics.

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