Sacred Spaces

During a two day visit to Portland, my dearest mentee, Surbhi, showed me the beauty of sacred spaces. Embodying hygge, she had her very own sacred space in a living room nook. Sipping tea, excited to be once again connected sharing time and space we reflected on the power behind having a peaceful space to catch your breath, pray, meditate and to process all the deliciousness of life. For some, this sacred space may be called the “War Room.” Whatever you call it, where do you go to disconnect from business and to connect with yourself and/or to a higher power?

Don’t you believe your home should be your sanctuary?  Why not escape to a place that is familiar, safe and always available? Your home! After returning from Portland I created my first sacred space in my then 800 sq ft. condo. Initially I thought I didn’t have enough space, however we make time and space for what’s important. All that was needed was a wall, cushion and an area for a yoga mat.  Nothing too fancy, except for the Amazon wall decal that everyone thought I painted! Since then, I have moved and now have two sacred spaces. The first being the meditation/yoga room and the second is the bathroom with a soaking tub.  .

With some of my tidying clients I encourage them to create a sacred space for inner reflection, creativity and spiritual growth. Vanya was one of my first clients to fully embrace this concept. As a yoga instructor she knew from the beginning of her tidying journey she wanted to create a meditation/yoga room. She deeply desired a spiritual/ creative oasis; and so she created just that. The space is peaceful, reflects her style and serves many creative purposes. In her upstairs living room she has a bench by a large window that is another awe inspiring space. I just want to sit there with my tea, gaze out the window and tap into/turn up my most juicy daydreams.  Vanya has mastered the art of utilizing light, space and creativity in her home sanctuary.

A friend of mine, Lereece turned her daughter’s room into a relaxing oasis.  Once you create the space it’s hard to have a home without one!

Here are a few ideas to help you create your own sacred/meditation space :

  1. Find a small space where you can get away from it all.
    • Declutter if necessary. In my condo, I created a space in the corner where my bike sat. The bike was relocated to another corner!
  2. Decorate the wall or corner.
  3. Make or purchase a floor cushion.
  4. Us baskets to keep your items organized (journals, blankets or pillows)

5. If space allows, add an altar.

See, easy breezy. You don’t need much. Go ahead, create a sacred space and send me before and after pics!

5 thoughts on “Sacred Spaces”

  1. I absolutely love the pictures and your recommendations. Thanks for sharing the many ways we can create and add to our sanctuaries. I’m definitely going to get a decal to add to my sacred space.

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  2. i think its so important to create sacred spaces in your home. your body needs to know that when it goes there its time to relax. its also important to have an ancestral altar. a sacred place where you pay tribute to the folks who gave you life, your lineage. it does not need to be garish or large. the other day a friend said, “wow this room feels so peaceful” and i pointed to my ancestral altar as the possible source.


    1. Thank you!!! Yes, you are spot on. For those who believe in ancestral altars it is a powerful addition!!


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