All Over the Place

can’t be still

The idea behind “all over the place” comes from how others perceive me. Of course, I live up to their perceptions. However, those who really know me know  I can retreat into my shell and will make every effort to be by myself.  I love “me” time, but for some strange reason on most days I AM doing something like going out dancing or writing a blog when I should be sleeping. I can’t be still.

I don’t know which moves faster, my body or my mind.  This blog is a true reflection of my personality, all over the place!  My interests are always evolving. The posts will reflect my life experiences, which could cover travel, relationships, social media, and artistic expression. Within the next few months I plan to write about:

  • Dancing
  • Wedding Etiquette
  • Travel Fashion
  • Traveling Solo
  • Social Media: the devil
  • Photography: Behind the Camera
  • Being Single in the Work Place
  • Finding a Therapist: How to guide
  • Dating and the Newness
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Dating: My Spotify Soundtrack

Since I love photography and DIY “everything” there will be posts that don’t fit into a particular theme or category.  One day I might write about making kambucha and the next post might be photos of me jet skiing in Mexico. That’s my life.




9 thoughts on “can’t be still”

  1. This is so dope! I wanna read ALL the things!!! You are just incredible with such a wealth of knowledge to share. So excited to see this blog and will be an avid reader!!! Love you sis 🙂


  2. KENYAAAAAAA!!!!!!
    Hey beautiful you’re so awesome!!! And awesome people do awesome things and go awesome places… so please share all of your awesomeness with me… especially TRAVEL!!!
    PS: Traveling to Spain (Madrid, Barcelona & Ibiza) next month. Any tips?

    Have peace, we’ll talk. Luv yah!


    1. Linda!!!!!! I am so excited for you. That sounds like an amazing trip. Please take pictures. Let’s meet up when you return, I want to hear all about it. Thank you always for the continued affirmations, love and support. Love you more.


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