Fall Equinox Detox 2018


To say I had a fabulous summer is an understatement; I shared time and space with some of the most amazingly kind, and funny, and loving people. My toes were grounded in the sand, I visited my namesake!, my skin soaked up some rays and I laughed and cried with those dear to me. After a year of feeling in the dark I finally felt the sun kiss me and say “it’s going to get better….”

With the end of a remarkable season I must prepare for the next. The Fall Equinox was September 22nd this year and my detox started September 20th. It’s been a year since I started detoxing with the change in seasons. I guess this is my one-year spiritual transformation anniversary. Unlike last year, I didn’t do all raw food and juices, I basically just refrained from eating french fries everyday. Jokes. I went into my lab and created detox soups, made spicy ginger shots and drank LOTS of water.




I don’t know if I can really say I did an “official detox,” after reading this you tell me! My body needed a reset from eating too many french fries on my worldly travels. So, I needed to create some balance; this year my detox had more of an Ayurveda influence. Part One of the detox included:

  1. Detox soups
  2. Ginger shots daily
  3. A colonic on the 3rd day @ Heal Thyself Atlanta
  4. Reflexology @ Jiao
  5. Two Ayurvedic Consultations
  6. Shirodhara: Stress Relief Therapy
  7. Epsom salt detox baths
  8. House cleaning by Hux

Understood…..numbers 2-6 put me in the weirdo category, which I am OK with. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, especially numbers 3,4,5. Numbers 2 and 6 require you to step out of your comforts zone big time.

Part Two of the detox was all about mindfulness, compassion and releasing. In September I created a meditation/prayer/yoga space in my bedroom. My friend/little sister Surabhi has a yoga/meditation space at her home in Seattle, so after seeing her meditation area I came home tore my room apart, got rid of a few things and tadah….my beautiful sacred space:



For the seven days of the detox I spent a lot of time in this space. My daily routine included:

  1. Yoga
  2. Meditation – Practiced on my own and with Emory’s Cognitive Based Compassion Training
  3. Breathing – Practiced Ujjayi breath and Alternate Nostril Breathing

With each change in season I make an effort to re-balance my life . I cleanse my home, my car, my mind, my spirit and my body. This time I ate what my body needed and made sure to incorporate self-care as I cleansed, relaxed, prayed, exercised, and got massages. I can truly say I feel the adjustment in my body.

The Winter Solstice is next; I’ve already started researching to figure out my detox plan! I am leaning toward an Ayurvedic Cleanse. Anyone brave enough to join me? Think about a holistic approach to cleansing your mind, body, spirit and personal spaces. Join me in getting ready for the New Year. What will your Winter Solstice detox/cleanse entail?!

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