Fabric Joy

After giving away two large bins of art supplies and probably the equivalent size of three body bags of fabric, I silently and privately mourned the loss.  Luckily, in the practice of the KonMari Method™ I kept all things that bring me joy, which in short is two large college size trunks of fabric! Joy………………

For those of us who find peace, healing, joy and serenity in creating when we can’t or don’t create we feel a deep void.  On Sunday, with my holiday break coming to an end in just twelve hours, to remedy this four year void (caused by overworking), I had to CREATE. I went into my bat cave (underneath my bed) and pulled out the trunk of African fabric that is one big box of beauty… the colors, textures and patterns.  After laying out about 15 pieces and mix matching the various colors and patterns I decided to go with two pieces of fabric I purchased in Liberia last year.  Excitement…………

I can’t lie, I was little nervous about redoing these chairs we upholstered three years ago and then lining up those circles was intimidating; I wanted to make my mama proud (she’s the professional upholsterer).  Three hours later I completed my project and sent my mom the photos. She was tickled pink that my the patterns were aligned somewhat perfectly. Mission accomplished, I was able to tap into my creative side before heading back to work, used my fabric joy and made my mom proud.  Happiness…………

Here’s to feeding the soul by creating things that bring joy…….

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