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KonMari’d – My Way

I have chosen joy and my home as my sanctuary.  If I am not at work or stretching out my ache bones in a yoga class or dancing away my stresses on someone’s dance floor you can probably find me chillin’ in my sanctuary.  Now that I have KonMari‘d (yeah I added a “d” to the end) my house I pretty much would rather be at home reading a good book while wrapped in my Ethiopian gabi than running the streets. It’s as if I have moved into a new space! My niece came over with her friend earlier this month and the friend said, “it feels so warm and cozy here, I love it.” Bam………mission accomplished, it’s not just me, others feel the clean cozy vibe as well.  It’s so hygge.

As promised, I am going to show a few before and after shots, unfortunately I only have a few pre-tidying photos. Not because I am ashamed, more so because by the time I remembered to take the before picture I was already halfway through the tidying process. I have piles of stuff and then after the piles!  Sorry y’all, I just got too excited and dove right in head first.  Which explains why I was slightly nauseated throughout the whole process. All jokes aside, I really was….

Click here to read the blog about the “tidying process.”

The two biggest tidying accomplishments are my kitchen and bedroom closet.  I have 1 1/2 closets in my condo, so EVERYTHING was stored in my bedroom closet, I mean everything.  After tidying I confess to have made major progress, check it out:

This is what the KonMari Method™ folding folding technique looks like (game changer!!!!):

Into my lab! In order to cook, more than food, I NEED my spices. The kitchen is where I make my edible delights and skin self-care potions :). After my trip to Turkey and Sri Lanka my cabinets were overflowing with teas, spices and other edible goodies.  Strategizing with magnet spice holders and food containers, I tossed old teas and smoothie add ons! I got rid of all my coffee mugs, ugly plates and bowls and kept only the items that spark joy and excitement.  So here you have it, the before and after:

The tidying process took me six weeks from start to finish. I only have my photo CDs left to digitize.  That will take months, but it will happen I promise.  In the spirit of true transparency during the last two days of tidying I was emotionally and physically exhausted.  I had a headache that lasted two days straight; I never get headaches. It was an exhausting process to go through EVERYTHING in my home.  But the end results are great. My space feels less cluttered, there is a sense of warmness and coziness that exists because there is less. Most importantly, I no longer have to do seasonal cleaning, all my seasonal clothes are out. Packing for vacations will be easy breezy!  Side note, I not only tidied my home my office is spotless too. I have a lot haters at my job right now.

To sum it all up, in order to be clutter free emotionally I needed to clear my physical spaces of “things.” Since the coming of winter and the winter solstice I have made an intentional effort to detox my body, my home, my office, my friends, my car and my mind. I am clearing out spaces with the hopes of bringing about positive change in my life.  We often think about detoxing our bodies but forget about all the other parts of our lives that need care and attention.

Thanks for joining me on this journey of letting go……



3 thoughts on “KonMari’d – My Way”

  1. LOVE! And not just because I got a major come up on burlap. 🙂 I’m about to start the same. I did well purging things last year but there are still a lot of things that can go. Thanks for the inspiration!


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