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Part 1: #mendancetoo

Dance floor + DJ + a great baseline +Me = Kenya somewhere in the middle of the floor jammin’ and rockin’ it out.  No drink in hand, maybe a cute hankie for my un-ladylike perspiration and hopefully an energetic dance partner holding my other hand groovin’ to the baseline.  Dance = my happy place. And there is nothing more invigorating than to have a dance partner who feels the music equally.

It’s officially summer, so as the festivals, rooftop parties and concerts are gearing up I would like to make a plea to all the men out there. In the words of Kool & The Gang, “get your back up off the wall.”  Dance! There is an epidemic of too cool and too cute men who don’t dance.  I seriously cannot take it anymore; all the lifeless bodies holding up the bars and walls or taking up precious dance floor space. Move! I have been to way too many gatherings where the men are posted up on the wall lady-less (my word) and engaged only with their half full drink and their cell phone. Boring! Meanwhile, the dance floors is smothered with women dancing together.  

Photography by: Francesca Lowe

Spoiler alert, as an unmarried woman going into year 44, every night is girl’s night for me. Which means……when I go out my goal is to refrain from lady circle dancing, I want a male dance partner! Point blank. No offense to my girls, of course (Melissa, Nidal and Sinead I’ll dance with y’all anytime). They know me. I have an old spirit that wants to bring back the thrill of the 90s slow dancing, reggae rooms, Chicago steppin’, and Latin dance. Note and understand….. I am not looking for a boyfriend or husband, simply a dance partner.

In an effort to end this horrific epidemic of men holding up the wall, I would like to start a movement. I want to honor the brave, free and adventurous souls who venture out and join the ladies on the dance floor.   To acknowledge these diamonds in the rough, anytime you post a picture of a man or men dancing tag them #mendancetoo.

The timing and introduction of the #mendancetoo movement is intentional! We are officially in the season of indoor and outdoor music festivities.  Men, don’t disappoint. Get your back up off the wall and ask a lady to dance.  To the women, if a man asks you to dance, accept.  Don’t be a part of the problem.  Remember #mendancetoo!

My dance joy… to the men who have danced with me over the years, thanks for sharing a moment in time with me. I celebrate you. If you have seen me at a Kemit event you have more than likely seen me experiencing dance joy with my lifetime dance partner James Bing (we dance to every thang). Thank you James for always being present with me as we dance. Shout out to the homies who have also brought me dance joy over the years…. Tayari, Shaheed, Jae, Emar Los, DJ Enchanted, Monte, Kamau. To all my salseros out there….love y’all for life.

Help me end this horrible epidemic of men being too cool to dance. The men 60 and over have no problem asking for a dance. Where are the 40 somethings?!  Don’t be scared. In the words of Kool & The Gang…You’ve gotta get on the groove, if you want your body to move.

See you on the dance floor…………………… #mendancetoo

4 thoughts on “Part 1: #mendancetoo”

  1. When in Philly, holler and I will take you to the Platinum Grill:lots of old school Philly music and moves. You will enjoy!

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  2. you must visit the sf/bay area more, where the men routinely outnumber the women and where guys rarely say no to a request for a dance, i find that same ratio at the salsa/bachata/kizomba scene in paris and nyc as well…could your salsa scene be an atl thang???


    1. This is for non-salsa dancing?! I am referring to non-salsa dancing. There are always men available for salsa dancing, there are shortages in class…but not on the dance floor 🙂


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