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Post Decluttering Blessings

Foot to the peddle and an unquenched desire for substantive change, my 2018 post-Thanksgiving drive back to Atlanta was far from boring. Ears glued to my JB wireless speaker (car too old for Bluetooth capability), I had story time with Marie Kondo’s audiobook The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I soaked it all in and in the blink of an eye it was two months later and I had decluttered, sorted, organized, and categorized myself into the beginning of a new chapter. Y’all remember…..I walked you through the journey on two blog posts KonMari’d and KonMari and Letting Go.

Consequently, after completing the decluttering process I needed my physical, mental and spiritual self to align. Having let go of “things” that no longer served a purpose I began working on the financial, mental, physical and spiritual pieces of my life.  With my eyes wide open, a fragile heart, a sense of curiosity and desire to leave the valley and brave the wilderness I took a deep dive….

Tearfully, but with gratitude I entered 2019 ready to embark on self-leadership or self-discovery, as some may call it. My theme for the year being self-love and self-compassion; exploring the principles and practices, which was more than bubble baths and deva curl cuts, I incorporated gratitude and intentionality into my daily routine (gratitude journal, yoga, meditation). I also studied Ayurveda, the ultimate practice of self-care and worked on changing the energy in my home by using Feng Shui principles. As I put the focus on me, my life and my sanity I stopped dating and worked on healing. The shift started happening……….

I took Marie Kondo’s focus of gratitude and intentionality and applied it to every aspect of my life. I let go of friendships that were not reciprocal, negative self-talk and all things that did not serve a higher purpose.  And let me tell you……………that’s when the shift started happening. Blessings sprinkled fairy dust all over me. Here are a few examples:

  1. Paid off all debt.
  2. Manifested my dream home that I purchased with a 3% interest rate.
  3. Traveled to Turkey and Cuba.
  4. Parents’ health improved.
  5. Thirteen months of no dating and felt empowered.
  6. Was invited to participate in two women’s empowerment groups.
  7. Met tons of AMAZING human beings and reconnected with many of my badassery friends!  #realjoy
  8. Participated in the KonMari Consultant training.
  9. Began working on a plan to develop a professional home organizing business.
  10. Visualized organizing a yoga NYE event. Bam….had it at my house for 12 people. Yassss.
  11. My 2000 Toyota RAV4 made it another year!

Those are just a few things I believe resulted from decluttering, visualizing and manifesting! Of course……. I had some challenging moments in 2019, I had more than enough for me and YOU. I will share those at a later date! NOW, my focus is on gratitude and intentionality. What started as an attempt to declutter my home turned into one of the most transformative experiences of my life.  The year 2019 taught me a lot, most importantly it taught me that change is inevitable and so should letting go.  This is an endless journey, I am still learning, healing, working through some thangs and hopefully forever evolving. Where the journey is taking me next is to guide and counsel others through a compassion based decluttering and tidying process. So, stay tuned……………

20 thoughts on “Post Decluttering Blessings”

  1. You truly are an amazing individual! I have been waiting to become one of your students for a long long time. There is so much about you that I admire. Thanks for sharing and inspiring. Cheers to 2020

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    1. Johnell, I am humbled. Thank you for your kind words! I have always, for almost 18 years now, appreciated your love, support and encouragement on my journey that has truly been all over the place. Thank you!!


  2. You inspire us all to be better and do better! 2020 can’t be anything but phenomenal for you!!! Congratulations on doing the work and being patient enough to receive the benefits!

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  3. i love following your evolutionary journey and how you lift as you climb! you don’t just keep your success strategies to yourself but share them with others so that we might benefit and join in the upliftment!!! u are one of god’s gifts to humanity…love that pic of you and your ab fab kitchen. bless up, elaine


  4. That’s awesome! I’m so excited and impressed! And I’d better start saving now so I might be able to afford your services 😉


      1. ❤❤❤ The family part means more to me than the discount!!! ❤❤❤ (Don’t get me wrong though, discount is totally going to be necessary 😂)


    1. Thank you for the continued support. I am so thankful for you for so many reasons! Thanks for being you!


  5. Whew! Well that was 2020! You and I reconnected from well over 10+ maybe even 20+ years ago. You were always a peaceful yet strong presence as an intern and I always admired your peacefulness. Fast forward to 2021 and you are now teaching/guiding those of us who need to be more mindful of ourselves, our spaces and our intentions. I look forward to this journey. 2020 was so difficult and now the hubby & I are looking to clear our mind, body, spirit and space of unnecessary things.


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