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Intentional Spaces

Let’s recharge, retreat and rejuvenate!  The locale, you ask? Yo’ house!  We all need  a place void of noise and one that fills our souls with peace, gratitude and solitude. Why can’t this place exist in your home? Remember the movie War Room GREAT example of what a sacred space could look and feel like. A closet, a wall, a room.; work with what you have. What are you working with?! Need some help?

I created my first meditation space in 2018 after visiting my mentee, Surabhi; her meditation/yoga area had hygge and peacefulness written all over it. I was intrigued, so much so the experience inspired me to think about space differently. Within a week of returning from my trip I moved furniture, reorganized, bought my sticker decal and bam……I had my meditation/prayer space in my bedroom! Thanks you Surabhi.

My new space is a room that is truly a sanctuary of sorts. It is the space I go to voice gratitude, allow the tears to fall without judgement and to clear my mind from all clutter and ungrounded fears. It has a “grown ass woman feel” to it, but in a compassionate peaceful way! It has become a place where friends can find a little peace and take a moment to retreat. For me, it’s my “go to.” Each morning I take my matcha tea, foggy mind, uncertainties and lemon water into my meditation room and this is where I begin my day.  No sound, no words….


Through my lens as a lifestyle specialist and professional home organizer, my life goal is to encourage creativity by way of living with intentionality.  I want my clients and loved ones to create their own sacred spaces.  A part of living with intentionality is creating time and space to reflect, to be still, and to invest in your own mental and spiritual well-being.  What does that look like for you?   

4 thoughts on “Intentional Spaces”

  1. I am always so very proud, honored, and happy to witness the evolution of your mind, body, & spirit. I am absolutely blessed to one of your circle and village. God bless you for teaching, showing, and “glowing” of inner & outer peace! It is surely through your “calm & tranquility” that I too have learn to “be still…reflect…recharge…reset”. Thank you for that and many more life lessons. Love ya dearly fam!


    1. Thank you for the limitless love and support over the years! I truly value your friendship and so thankful for the life lessons you have shared and taught me. Love ya! Here’s to growing together…..


  2. Yes, I am reminded that I am in very special sacred space. We are now on the 10th floor with beautiful views. From my bedroom office desk, I look out over the Beth Sholom synagogue designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. As a child I played at the construction site. Today as a visual temple of God in my presence it brings me peace and a deeper consistent conscious awareness of my God blessed space, being and purpose.

    Warm Regards,

    Lauren’s Dad

    Clark R Arrington | +1 843 476 2452



    1. Mr. Arlington, thanks for sharing! I love it. That sounds absolutely beautiful! I can only imagine how wonderful it is to have that visual to wake up to every morning.


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