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Hygge: Kenya Style

In my last post I wrote about the Danish practice of hygge. So that people aren’t left wondering “what is Kenya talking about now,” I decided to go into more detail for y’all!

Three years ago I made a career change and it feels like for two of those years my personal life became secondary to my job.  I tossed out the window self-care and sleep; who needs that! I soon realized I desperately need both. Now I am trying to reclaim my personal life and find some peace and balance. In my search for a little sanity my friend Janet told me about the Danish practice of hygge. Since the Danes are the happiest people in the world there must be something to this hygge. Some would argue that the Danes are happy because of the amount vacation and maternity leave they receive from their employers, but it must be more than that, right?!

So, I began researching hygge. I even have the audio book by Meik Wiking titled The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living.  I found that the practice of hygge was just what I needed to reconnect with friends and my personal space! Hygge can be described as the state of coziness or the act of focusing on well-being.  The good old Wikipedia states that the word hygge comes from a Danish word meaning “well-being.” Here are a few things that I did to incorporate the practice/art of hygge into my life:

  1. Stopped taking phone calls after 9pm. Disconnect.
  2. Light a few candles in the evening and get the diffuser going.
  3. Create a cozy atmosphere in my condo by keeping the lights dim in the evening.
  4. Baked cakes and organized tea time for my co-workers. The Danes love sweat treats….
  5. Cooked several intimate dinners for friends at my house.
  6. Relax at home wrapped in my Ethiopian gabi (picture on left) or wear my onsie  (picture on right) while sipping on a hot toddy.

What I have enjoyed most about incorporating the art of hygge into my life is having more friends over the house to share in laughter, drinks and dinner. Why meet up at a bar or restaurant, that’s less intimate.  Stop by the house and experience some of this coziness, put your feet up and I’ll fix you a plate and a nice “drank!” Hope to connect soon…………………


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