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Hygge: Fall-ing Into Peace

It’s fall y’all! As the days become shorter and my time playing in the sun lessens, it feels like I tripped over my own feet and fell right into this season. I didn’t see it (fall) coming! Did you? Fall is when I take a big international trip and bask in the slower pace of life called the holiday season. If I were to be honest with you, back in March I remember having a conversation with God about not having a snow day (no judgement, snow in March is possible). I just needed one or two days to slow things down a bit, that’s all. Not 7 months AND a pandemic.

Reflecting over the past two seasons in life and this year, surprisingly I have found my peace zone. Yet, the current political climate mixed in with covid-19 are reminders that I (we) need to tend to my (our) mind/body, quick fast and in a hurry. Don’t you agree? AND…..SO……..the self-work journey continues. To mentally, spiritually and physically prepare for this “season” I have tapped into all my wellness practices, I:

  • Chose a spiritual focus for October -December;
  • Made peace with being in isolation;
  • Hygge”d my home; and
  • Created a list of “projects” to do indoors (binge watching comedies on TV is an option too).

Practicing Ayuverda in the Fall helps me stay grounded…..the food, the oils, the practice of yoga and meditation. I…. DO…. NOT…. play when it comes to oils for my skin. I have oils just for the fall and winter. Confession: early September I purchased ALL my oils for the season (there are about five)! With folk having to self-isolate and peak season for ashiness coming up there could have been a shortage, couldn’t have that! One of my FAV routines is washing my face with neem powder and then using a special Ayurvedic oil to moisturize. I even put ghee (yup butter) on eyes, LOL. Abhyanga an Ayurvedic self-massage is another routine that is extra special during this season.

From October to December I will continue the practice of self-compassion and self-leadership. I have two books I am reading with friends, Calling In “The One” and Sacred Woman. I just finished listening to 10% Happier and started I AM Word. A regular mindfulness practice is also important, I try to be more present and have awareness of the joyride my mind/emotions may take me on. With limited emotional and mental bandwidth, I am intentional about the company I keep ON and OFFline. We need folk in our lives who lift our spirits. How many folk do you have in your life who make you laugh from the belly up!!? If very few, just turn on “Girlfriends,” they have become my imaginary friends; I’ll share them with you. Laughter is food for the soul!

Even though I strive to incorporate Hygge into my everyday life, Fall and Winter ARE Hygge. That’s what makes this season SO MUCH FUN (with or without a boo)! Coziness aka Hygge is a lifestyle, not a game. The Fall Equinox has become my time to amp up Hygge and Ayurveda practices. I do my usual fall cleaning (dusting, cleaning windows, ect. Not tidying, that’s done!), but the fun part is incorporating operation coziness!

I have been unknowingly cultivating solitude (a phrase I stole from Kathrine Woodward), which has allowed me to be at complete peace with isolating solo. Instead of anxiously anticipating this season I have been preparing for it and will blissfully enjoy my sanctuary. Right around the Equinox I pulled out and washed all the throw blankies and placed them strategically throughout the house. My throws, #sparkjoy, take me on a textile journey back to Ethiopia, Brazil and India; there is even one I made from my Ghanaian fabric. The mood ….warmth and serenity. Tiny flames from the candles displaying their shadows dancing around the room giving the room a Hygge vibe. I hung my Ethiopian curtains adding hints of culture, color and warmth to the bedroom and dinning groom. The only thing missing is a fireplace. Using my imagination, I sit by the space heater pretending it’s a new-age indoor fire-pit.

Lastly, in regard to projects, I will work on my basement #operation organize. However, a woman has to have fun! Sooooooooooo, I bought some skates! Yup, sure did. I am grown AND live by myself so I WILL be skating throughout the house and my mama can’t say a THANG about it. Gotta have that fun factor, that’s part of taking care of the mind, body and spirit. What are YOU doing for your mind/body this season?

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