Being that I am all over the place I could not just sit my butt down and be in stillness during quarantine. Besides staying healthy and sane I had thangs to do, visions to manifest and goals to achieve. Little did I know that my trip to LA in January for a c-suite workshop would be my only trip for 2020. Nonetheless it set the tone for the year and was the catalyst for my 2020 badassery roadmap. Thank you LeReece for the invite! Top of the list for 2020 were two certifications I HAD to complete. Miraculously, with my roadmap taped to the wall, while self-isolating I obtain my certifications as KonMari Method™ Consultant and Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator.

During the KonMari Method™ certification process , I’m All Over The Place, my professional organization business, was officially launched in April. Last month my certification became official making me the first Black woman to be certified in the state of Georgia and currently the only Black certified consultant in my state. I was one of two or three Black women in my training class of 100. Helping people tidy and declutter their homes has been transformative. It’s been humbling that most of my clients are wellness practitioners, teachers and coaches. What an honor to enter the virtual doors of their homes and help them live an even more intentional, mindful and joyful lifestyle.

Meditation has been my go to for a while and mindfulness has quieted my inner critic. In the spring to help others find an intentional pause while in self-isolation I began leading meditations. This July through Mindful Leader, I received my certification as a Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator. It has been humbling and a true joy to lead meditations each week during the pandemic. Facilitating mindfulness meditations has allowed met to find my voice and build a community. A mindfulness practice is also a part of the tidying journey, as it helps clients replace self-judgment with self-compassion and self love. To live intentionally means living a life grounded in mindfulness.

These certifications are tools in my toolbox. Each training connects me to networks and communities that push me to evolve personally and professionally. Most importantly, I have taken the lessons learned and best practices to better serve my community and clients. Going into 2021 I enter the new year having accomplished some thangs in 2020, grateful and ready to serve. #letsgo

8 thoughts on “I’M CERTIFIED”

  1. Kenya, it had been so inspirational witnessing you both lead meditation as well as tidying. You are truly operating in your multitude of gifts! Thank you for sharing yourself to the world and making this a better place, especially during 2020. We needed you and have benefited from your love and light! I’m honored that coming to LA put certain things in motion for you. Love you to pieces! LeReece

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    1. Thank you for those beautiful words. Most importantly thank you for the continued love and support!! Love you too! You are next!


  2. no such thing as a small victory, you are one of god’s gifts to humanity. i commend and congratulate you on continuing to find new and exciting ways to have a qualitative and quantitative beneficial presence on the planet.

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