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Home Sanctuary

During one of my daily check-ins with mom (a digression from our outburst of laughter and news updates from her on R. Kelly and Trump) we got on the topic of how many places I have lived. Not states or countries, but actual residences. The total was well over twenty, maybe 25ish! Last year my dad finally wrote in pen my home address…….aint that sweet!? Maybe that means this is my retirement home!

In 2008, two months before our 401K plummeted with all of our other investments, I purchased a condo at Sobu Flats (Sobu aka South Buckhead). For eleven years I made 800 square feet my sanctuary, art studio, house-party and lounge/fine dinning destination and a relaxing escape for every guy I dated. In my little world, it was city living at it’s finest. LOL Even before the KonMari Method™ I took pride in my home, making sacred spaces with the city lights shinning in like angels watching over me.

When Sobu was bought-out I remember saying, “wherever I moved next it has to be an upgrade and move-in ready.” Moving out of Sobu Flats was like leaving a bestfriend because our lives were headed in different directions. Yeah, I grieved, cried crocodile tears, but was ready to move on. I didn’t want a fix-me-up, with both parents fighting cancer I knew I needed an escape. My parents are kicking cancer in the butt, little did we know covid would be the a$$ kicker!

Fast forward a year later, I am in a single family home and a sanctuary that has taught me about resiliency, listening to my inner voice, cultivating solitude and personal growth. I will leave the basement flooding and slanted floors for another post! My new home hasn’t been perfect; I made some mistakes that were just costly lessons learned. Regardless, this is where I am supposed to be.

The KonMari Method™ taught me the importance of marinating in intentionality, gratitude, letting go, and mindfulness. Through these practices I have curated a life and home I am humbled by and thankful for every day. Each room is sacred and a reflection of it’s own personality, with influences from my nomadic ways. Two weeks ago I had a soaking tub installed, ummm yes….a dream come true. My “spa” bathroom has become yet another place for me to escape and celebrate quietude. The pandemic has confined many of us to our homes, which has made my home sanctuary imperative to aid in maintaining my mental, physical and spiritual well-being. During the pandemic, what has been your favorite space in your home sanctuary? What room or space is your escape?

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