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My Guardian Angels

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas, aunties, sisters, mentors, big cousins and elder friends.  If you are a woman more than likely you have shared your motherly love with someone. From birth I have been taken care of by many women, not just my mom; so to all of them I say thank you! Thanks for the guidance, the love, the sisterhood, the motherhood, the advice and the friendship.  It is because of them I was never homeless, never without love, never wondering about my self-worth and most of all because of them I “always knew better!”  I knew to do my best, knew to check-in, and I knew as a Black woman, I would have to work harder.

All the mothers, big sisters, mentors and elder friends who took me into their hearts and homes where what my mom called my guardian angels; she believes the women who have mentored me and helped me along my journey were sent into my life as answers to her prayers. I believe this to be true; I have been rescued from the wilderness on many occasions. In my nomadic days, the entire decade of my 20s, many people opened their homes, gave me unsolicited professional and personal advice and accepted me like family.

In the photo above are four of my guardian angels.  In 2015 I had the honor of hosting dinner for the four of them. We ate, shared stories and LAUGHED. I will remember this night for a lifetime. This was the first time I had four women who were instrumental in my personal growth in one room!  Christina, my babysitter from when I was little, was visiting from Hawaii. Mama Dunston, my mentor since the 90s, was visiting from North Carolina. My mom drove down to GA from KY. Only mama Merrine, who I met in the 90s and gave the title of godmother, lives in Atlanta. Mama Dunston had been a part of my life since 1999 and had connected with my mom via telephone when they were both diagnosed with cancer. This was the first time they had met in person!  Mrs. Dunston passed away in 2016, making me even more thankful for this night!  On this day, May 13, 2018, I celebrate all of these phenomenal women, I am a better person because of all of them. I Love you Chris, Merrine, Mrs. Dunston and Mama!

I am a better woman because of all the women in my life; and because I have been blessed it is now my responsibility to mentor, guide and share my love with other young women.  Hence, many years ago I made the promise to pay it forward and to serve as a guardian angel to others. It’s important to always remember that it takes a village, and  most of us didn’t make it this far in life without the love and guidance from others.  So, on this day remember to acknowledge and say Happy Mama’s Day to all the women who have been instrumental in your personal development….

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