M.H. Awareness Month


Sometimes it’s ok if the only thing you did today was breathe.  – Halle Berry


Yes, it’s June and I am just now doing my May Mental Health Awareness Month post. I’m only a few days late; truth being I tried to write this post in May, but I was working on my own mental health! I’ve been doing some self-care up in this piece! The past ten months have been some of the most difficult; my mom being sick, a terrible break-up, drama at work…. you name it!  I have made every effort to stay upbeat and positive. Friends either noticed my mood shift or made comments like “smile, you are always happy.”  I am typically all smiles, but some days there aint a smile in me. Some days life can knock the breath out of you. Folk, recognize that we all have our ups and downs, and most importantly check-in with your loved ones.  In March a friend reached out and said, “you need a vacation, where do you want to go?”  Without hesitation, I said the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC and the vacation planning began. Thank you, Elaine!  You rock!! Elaine knew exactly what my soul needed….a beach!

The trip to the DR was the perfect vacation.  I relaxed, I ate, laughed until my stomach hurt, I hiked, I swam, did some yoga, danced a little, got my sup on, and had a freakin’ BLAST.  Beach vacations always nourish my soul. What about you?

Even though Mental Health Awareness Month is over do a personal check-in and call a close friend who needs some extra tender loving care!  Know that it’s OK to seek professional help through counseling, if needed. However, it’s important to not only seek therapy when in crisis, seek it as preventative care. I have both a therapist and a holistic doctor who I see on occasion for a mental and physical check-up!

I will be honest, finding a good therapist is like trying to find a reliable mechanic…it’s a process, and can be extremely frustrating and costly. That’s why I encourage people to  be proactive and equip themselves with a therapist so that they don’t end up in a crisis frustrated and trying to find a therapist who is a “good fit.”   For resources, checkout the site Psychology Today, they have a database of therapist throughout the US. If you or someone you know is having suicidal ideations another resource is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.  If in crisis, Georgia also has a Mobile Crisis Service, information can be found on their website.

In the words of Halle Berry, sometimes it’s ok if the only thing you did today was breathe! Remember to breathe and do things that bring you joy!  Life aint always easy, so hold tight to God, good people, meditation, healthy rejuvenating experiences and take some R&R. Be there for friends and family when they are going through difficult times……send a card, give a long lingering hug, treat them to dinner, go beyond a text message.  Let’s spread mental health awareness beyond the month of May…………………..

Thanks to my mom, cousin LaRonda, and all my friends who provide a listening ear without judgement, make me laugh until my belly hurts, and love me for me! Smooches……….



4 thoughts on “M.H. Awareness Month”

  1. Excellent post. More people needs this than you would ever know. The true silent killer of your spirit, soul, and lively hood. Mike.

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      1. Tx for sharing such a positive message. I so admire that u don’t keep those jewels of wisdom to yourself but take the time to uplift and inspire others. Tx for the shout out. Happy that i could help u along your journey. U are one of god’s gift to humanity .
        Lifting as i climb, elaine.

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