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My Birthday – Spring Equinox


Is winter over yet?! When my birthday arrives that means winter is officially over and it’s time for sunshine and fun time! My birthday, March 20th, is on the first day of spring/the spring equinox. This day has always had special meaning to me, which is why for the past 7 years on my b-day I have tried to do something to honor “mother-nature.” I took a different approach this year to acknowledge my birthday and the change of seasons!  Spring is about new beginnings. No parties, no hikes and no over the top celebratory moments this year. Just a continuum of self-reflection, healing and detoxing. There is nothing like a pre-birthday detox!  Hence, I decided to get my mind and body right before MY New Year.  It has been me, my books, my Vitamix and my juicer.

Ideally, most equinox detoxes start on the 20th and last 3-10 days.  I wanted to detox during my birthday week, but I am managing a conference for work AND detoxing during 12-hour workdays would be torturous. Therefore, I did the detox before the conference started, which allowed me to jump start my equinox preparations and has translated into a month of “Spring Cleaning.” Now that spring is officially here I think I am officially squeaky clean!

Ok, here is my Over The Top Pre-Equinox and B-day Detox:

Two Weeks Prior to Detox –  Began taking Dr. Tates’ Herbal Blood Tonic.

One Week Prior to the Detox – Took 4 oz of the Essence of Vitality, followed up two days later with 8 oz.

March 1st – Began the Seven Day Detox

When I started my pre-detox prep I went to my bookshelf and pulled out Queen Afua’s Heal Thyself, which I have had for almost 20 years! I have about five books on detoxing. I used her book as the foundation for my detox and another book called Super Cleanse.  My friend Akua suggested I purchase Sacred Woman, so I used some of the recipes and recommendations from that book as well. Most of the books I used are at least 10 years old, here is the list:

  1. Heal Thyself for Health and Longevity – Queen Afua
  2. Super Cleanse – Adina Niemerow
  3. The Complete Book of Juicing – Michael T. Murray
  4. Sacred Woman – Queen Afua

Like for the fall equinox, I made up my own detox and combined information from the four aforementioned books. Click here for my blog post on the fall equinox. I listened to my body to determine what it needed. My diet was primarily raw foods, except for my homemade broth.  I juiced in the morning and ate salads for lunch and dinner. Since I was trying to boost my immune system I made a broth that I sipped on every night for the first 3 nights.


Forgiveness: Instead of beginning my cleanse with focusing on the act of forgiveness I ended my fast with forgiveness in mind.  Queen Afua recommends beginning the fast with a forgiveness exercise, but I wasn’t ready. Forgiving and letting go of any anger, resentment, pain and disappointment is instrumental in the cleansing process.  I forgave!

Baths: I have taken Epsom salt baths throughout the month! I did a few facials (avocado and green clay).

Hair: I get my haircut with the change of seasons.  For my winter solstice cut I went to  a new hairstylist, I aint naming names/salons, but she gave me the worse haircut I have had in 6 years.  This time I went back to my stylist, Christina, at Haarmony Salon for my Deva Cut; she fussed at me for my horrible cut and damaged ends.  I deserved it. To my surprise, I went in for a trim and came out with a mini-fro. No more damaged ends, that’s for sure!  It’s hair, it will grow back. I won’t stray again, as a matter of fact I have my next appointment already scheduled for the June/ the summer solstice!

Physical Activity: I continued to workout with my trainer, Yohonis at LOJ Fit Club.  Yoga, meditation and prayer remained a part of my routine.

House Cleaning: Day three of the detox I had my house professionally cleaned by Hux.  This time I requested the deluxe cleaning, which included the fridge, stove, baseboards, windows, floors, ect.  When I detox I love having my house cleaned. It’s a special treat; plus, cleaning your personal space is instrumental in the cleansing process. After the cleaning is done I always pull out my sage and frankincense and myrrh to get the energy in the house “just right.”

Car: I had my oil changed, emissions test done and the car was professionally cleaned inside and out.  Gotta have a clean ride!

Cleaning Spaces/Purging: I have kept my house clean since the Hux visit and continued to clean and purge by cleaning out closets and drawers.  The past two weekends I cleaned out my closets and separated things into three categories:

  1. Clothing donations to a church.
  2. Goodwill donations.
  3. Clothes for Consignment.

Purging of “stuff” is imperative!  March 17th I attended an Ausar Auset Society event titled the Spring Cleansing Workshop.  Even though I made up my OWN detox and will not fast for the actual equinox I found the workshop to be informative.

Because my body needed to detox, the first five days of the raw diet wasn’t that difficult. My emotions were all over the place, but my body was so happy to get a spring cleaning. The last two days were the hardest, I really wanted some French fries and a lemonade from Chik-fil-a. Please note that I was not detoxing to lose weight, however prior to the detox I was SO bloated that one of my co-workers said I looked like I was in my first trimester of pregnancy!  After the seven days I did a weigh-in, I lost 6 lbs and my bloating!! I was less concerned about the weight loss because I will gain that weight back in muscle!  My trainer is making sure of that!  Actually, I have already gained half of the weight back and not the belly.

For me, detoxing is more than just a physical cleansing. I like to take a holistic approach by focusing on mind, body and spirit. This was by far the best detox I have ever done. I realize juice only detoxing is not for me. I need fiber to flush some thangs out.  The tonics helped set the foundation for the detox and helped boost my immune system. I am not a doctor and I am not recommending anyone follow my detox, I hope that by me sharing my experience you will create a detox plan that works for you. Whatever you decide keep in mind the interconnectedness of everything and the importance of approaching a cleanse or detox from a holistic perspective.  Happy cleansing…..

5 thoughts on “My Birthday – Spring Equinox”

  1. Happy birthday and happy cleansing! I love you’re holistic approach. Thank you for highlighting the many components of detoxing.


  2. Happy birthday and happy cleansing! I love your holistic approach. Thank you for highlighting the many components of detoxing.


  3. I read your blog about your spring equinox and then started clicking more and started reading details about your Fall Equinox …. both have me very eager to detox my body mind and soul… thank you for referencing some good books to read as well!! Keep continuing sharing your stories !! I always enjoy reading about health and wellness !!

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