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Yoga Mat, It’s a Metaphor

The yoga mat, on the floor
It’s more than that, it’s a metaphor
A way of life – Stic


For the past three months I have surrounded myself with good vibes and good tribes; making every effort to avoid toxic people, music and food. To ensure my day is off to a productive start and void of negativity, I roll out of bed and right onto the yoga mat. Sometimes I take a little nap on the mat, but most mornings I go right into my Sun Salutations and meditation. I am very selective about where I spend my time, three evenings out of the week I am at  LOJ Fitclub;  yup Friday nights I hit the Fitclub instead of happy hour.

Yohonis, my fitness trainer at LOJ, has Stic’s album The Workout on constant rotation. Stic has a song on the album titled “Yoga Mat” that best describes this chapter of my life. When I heard the song for the first time at LOJ I almost lost my mind. I asked Yohonis to play it at least four times. Stic gets it….. stay focused, show compassion, be courageous, master your emotions and be detached.  I love the last line, in the middle of a leg lift of squat me and Yohonis yell …. Don’t cling, be detached.  Weights drop……………….

“Yoga Mat” is track #1 to my Fall 2017 personal soundtrack, it gets me hype and keeps me focused.  To help you better understand the song and this path I am on I’ve broken down some of the lyrics as they relate to my personal life (the italicized lines are from the song). The chorus being the most powerful line:

The yoga mat, on the floor
It’s more than that, it’s a metaphor

The mat is essential to my morning practice, it creates the space that sets the tone for the rest of my day.  Stic summed it up when he said:

Morning yoga, proper posture
Sun Salutation, realign the chakras
Keep stretching, deep breaths
Release tension, release stress
Stay on purpose, maintain balance
Nobody’s perfect, the path is the practice

This man just broke down my morning routine in six lines!!!!  Unbelievable…..

In two months I have read three books on forming “good habits.” Making my bed, drinking water, yoga and meditation are at the top of the list, I tried to set attainable goals (emoji smiley face).  Hold me accountable! We can meet up for yoga and water; I don’t need help making my bed, but thanks for offering (well maybe if your cute).  Stick said:

Good habits, zen focus
Remain present in each moment

I am working on compassion for others, but even more difficult for me is self-compassion. This process of being compassionate and self-reflective is requiring every inch of my being to embrace humility, courage and patience. Stic:

 A strong spirit, a free thought
An open mind, a loving heart
Approach others with compassion
A simple truth, wise actions
Stay humble, continue learning
It’s not the destination, it’s the journey
Welcome courage, stay grounded
See all sides, be well rounded

I have a lot of change in my life right now, which has me reassessing friendships, my job, my purpose, my health….. you name it. Change is inevitable, but requires some realigning and adjusting.  Stic said it more eloquently:

Reassess, readjust
Embrace change, because things must

I LOVE the last part of the song.  It’s as if the song is feeding my spirit one last reminder about mastery of emotions, the holistic approach to well-being,  and detachment.  Get it Stic (can you visualize me dancing on my Pilates ball):

The seed that grows is the one you nurture
Each posture needs solid structure
The physical, the spiritual
The maintenance, the ritual
The meditation, the power mantra
The affirmation in the subconscious
The mastery of emotion
Like a dolphin, at one with the ocean
Ride the waves, let them pass
Don’t cling, be detached  

WEIGHTS DROP…………………………….

I’ve never met Stic. I learned about his company RBG Fit Club through his book Eat Plants, Lift Iron over a year ago. Initially I followed Stic and his wife’s work because of their healthy lifestyle, this Fall ““Yoga Mat” won me over. I am fan.  “Yoga Mat” assures me that I am not losing my mind, I am on a journey.  Thank you Stic for using your art to express what many of us cannot articulate as beautifully! Well said…..


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