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Control, Strengthen and Slow Down


When the New Year arrives, I want to be the best version of myself.  In the past I would wait until January 1st to set goals and to heal my body from all that it endured the previous year. I’d eat all the holiday junk food for the month of November and December. Not this year! Operation get my s*&t together is in full affect. My soul and spirit are being fed.  I am eating food that heals and nourishes my body.  My biggest struggle is physical fitness, so I had to seek consultation from the professionals!

Immediately after the Equinox cleanse I participated in a 7 Day Holistic Health Plan with LOJ Fitclub, which included a vegan diet. What is appealing about their Fitclub is that they provide nutritional coaching, personal training and the trainers incorporate the aforementioned as well as meditation and yoga into a customized plan for each client. I am thankful to Tory, the owner, who coached me through the 7 Day Holistic Plan and assessed I need three things:

  1. Accountability;
  2. A sense of community; and
  3. Three months to get me into shape.

After completing the 7 Day Plan I enrolled in a three month program. My end goal is  to tone my lower body and build upper body strength. I hope to finish all 24 personal training sessions by the winter solstice, December 21st or  by December 31st at the latest.

Four years ago I signed up for a few personal training sessions at my local gym. With only three sessions at LOJ I can now easily tell the difference between a good and bad trainer.  Thus far, my experience with LOJ has exceeded my expectations.   To-date I have had three sessions with my personal trainer, Yohonis.  Prior to working with him I never thought of personal training as an art form, but his training style is unique.  He asks questions, he observes  and then he goes into his lab (his mind) to orchestrate the tools needed to sculpt your body.  No fancy equipment is used, the mind being the most important tool in the workout.

The physical fitness approach Yohonis is taking with me has three components: control, strengthen and pace (slow down).  Hence, during each workout I remind myself:

  • To slow down and breath into the moves;
  • To use my core to control each exercise and movement; and
  • That I have more strength than I think, but with each exercise I am strengthening the target areas.

Control, strengthen and slow down; my motto for the rest of 2017.  I am taking control of my well-being, I am strengthening my mind, body and spirit and slowing down to enjoy this journey.  Yohonis’ good vibes, artistic approach to training and his innate ability to understand his client’s needs adds a lot of value to the experience. So thank you again Tory and Yohonis for providing a sense of community and accountability and whipping me into shape.   I look forward to seeing the end results;  as I plan to be even more all over the place in 2018.

4 thoughts on “Control, Strengthen and Slow Down”

  1. Wow Kenya, this is so inspiring. I love that your training program focuses on the mind and not just the body and that your trainer comes up with a personalized plan that isn’t computer generated. Wishing you all the best. Can’t wait to hear how it goes!


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