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I’m Back – Me and My Kombucha



That’s right, I am back! After my Equinox Cleanse and being still for a few weeks I can feel my old nurturing and creative-self resurfacing.  Y’all going to really like her! It’s as if a more evolved, more confident and grounded form of Kenya “aka” Afam is coming to the surface!  I can’t lie, I am a little excited and nervous at the same time.

For those who know me, y’all know I have not been myself in well over three years. For those who only know me via social media, you have probably picked up on some vibes through my posts. In short, three years ago I made a career change that tested my humility, confidence, know-how, and strength. The job consumed me; everything I enjoyed was put on pause as I tried to prove myself. In addition to trying to find my way in this new profession and after a break-up this summer that rocked my world I realized I needed to redesign my life. I had been attracting the wrong kind of energy and was in desperate need of a reboot.  I love what I do and the organization I work for, but I need more than a career to be fulfilled.

I don’t know about you, but I am not waiting until the New Year to set goals and hit the gym.  No, sir. I actually started last month! I hope you will join me on this journey as I reclaim and redesign my personal life. I am not always going to be smiling and the journey is not always going to be cute and sexy, but it will be worth the ride. I am taking a holistic approach to this redesign. I am going to nurture and feed my soul.  My spiritual, mental, creative and physical health are all craving my attention. By the time 2018 hits I will be more than ready. Watch out, because me and my Kombucha are going to be even more all over the place!


4 thoughts on “I’m Back – Me and My Kombucha”

  1. I hear you loud and clear Kenya👍🏾 I’m experiencing some of the same trying to balance a new position that consumes so much of my time that I neglected a summer vacation. I’m rejuvenating and especially recommitting to the things that I love to do and that keep me living my life likes it’s golden‼️ I’m cheering you on and praying 🙏🏾 blessings on in your life. Peace, Blanche


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