Me & Chef Beee Stirrin’ It Up

Chef Beee is one of my favorite Atlanta based chefs. Her white bean salad and vegan mousse are worth writing home about! Click here for some of her recipes. When she asked me to be a guest on her Facebook Live show I couldn’t say no.  It was quite the honor! I probably had more fun than I was supposed to. You know I like to turn any occasion into a celebratory moment! Did you see the two second dance pre-show warm up? Click here to watch the video (you have to log into Facebook before clicking on the link). Dancing in the kitchen is a must, it ensures the energy in the kitchen is just right.

For the show we had two recipes, a spicy chocolate sea moss smoothie and a matcha green tea blend.  I’ve wanted to learn how to make an Irish moss smoothie for the longest, Chef Beee made it seem easy. Adding cocoa to the moss was brilliant! Click here for the recipe.  I wanted to share with the world my favorite morning matcha pick-me-up. I drink this EVERY morning on my way to work.  A couple of my co-workers are very talkative at 7/7:30am, so I have be fully awake and energized by the time I walk through that door.  Here is the recipe:

  1. Heat your water, it does not need to boil. Follow the temperature directions on the matcha tea container.
  2. Add your matcha, honey, moringa and Udo’s to your cup.
  3. Pour about 4 oz of water into the cup and use the frother to mix all of the ingredients.
  4. After mixing the ingredients pour the remaining water into the cup and mix with a spoon. It’s now ready to drink!

I hope you will try Chef Beee’s Irish moss and my morning pick-me-up. I had a few people tell me that the drinks don’t “look” good.  I promise you they are both very tasty.  If you need to, just close your eyes and drink up!

Y’all know I am a little shy, so when it comes to being on camera I never know what part of my personality is going to come out.  Chef Beee is a natural and a pure delight to collaborate with.  Hopefully, she will invite me back to mix up some more thangs in kitchen. Until next time……


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