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Spring Equinox – Birthday Detox 2020

The spring equinox is the kick off to my favorite time of year, not just because it is the launch of a month long birthday celebration, but because it is my reset season. For the past 3-4 years I have had to manage a two week conference during my birthday/ spring equinox, which pushed my reset to the the summer solstice. So……when my job announced the conference was cancelled due to #rona, I went into detox planning mode. My inner child did a happy dance, with all my work essentials right out of that office door. Self-isolation and social distancing, what?! I was both prepared and ecstatic.

My employer did not have to tell me twice to self-isolate. By the time they gave us the go ahead I already had a month’s supply of “everythang.” Including the lilies I treat myself to every two weeks! I went into serious self-care mode. Self-isolation and social distancing was in full affect!   The first 10 days of self-isolation was staged to be detox time, starting off with two days of water only, transitioning to a veggie detox and lastly my Ayruvedic detox with kitchari  for four days. I LOVE me some kitchari.  Kenya’s detoxes always include facials, abhyanga (self massages) and bath soaks!  Yeah, my skin is slightly spoiled.  My facials….let me tell y’all, they were so juicy and spa like. The bath soaks had my skin feeling like I had just had a full Korean body scrub.  With my  inner child imagination I left Atlanta and went on a spa retreat, aka Sanctuary de la Kenya. The menu curated by me, myself and I; meals were fresh and organic. Of course, I could not go on a retreat without my morning meditations and evening yoga. No TV.

Side note: to be fully transparent the spa experience was before and after “teleworking” hours (I said I was using my imagination)!

The spring cleaning began the week after detoxing. First, clean the body and then the home! When I de-cluttered my condo back in 2018 I didn’t realize how that process would change my seasonal cleaning.  Now, with the change in seasons I no longer go through clothes to figure out what I want and don’t want, that’s an ongoing process. My spring cleaning is actually about cleaning, you know…… dusting, wiping down windows, changing air filters, and dusting off the lawnmower.  Spring cleaning is NOT sorting through “stuff” I need to purge or putting up winter clothes and bringing out summer clothes. That’s so 1999. The KonMari Method™ helped me toss all that out the door. Bye, bye…….

Many people have called to check on me concerned about my favorite unannounced guest showing up, loneliness. Thank you! Surprisingly, I feel more loved and cared for than ever. Most importantly, because I have taken a different approach to self-isolating and have seized the opportunity to continue the journey of healing my body and heart this has been a spiritually enlightening experience. I’m in Sanctuary de la Kenya feeling loved on by the world and myself.  I don’t know what life is going to throw at us the next few weeks or months, so I m keeping my body, mind and home physically and spiritually sharp. Hit that reset button y’all, it’s not too late!

8 thoughts on “Spring Equinox – Birthday Detox 2020”

  1. I always enjoy reading your post, you have a way with writing that invites us directly into your home. I was right there with you during the detox, soaking and facial!! I am definitely trying to see the good in this time of quarantining! I am keeping myself busy doing all sorts of stuff and yes I do still rotate out winter and summer clothes, LOLOL! I am self-reflecting, reading, journaling, cooking, gardening and connecting like no other. My prayer is we all come out of this stronger, wiser, smarter and kinder! Peace , Love and Blessings to you My sweet cousin!

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    1. Thanks, your support means a lot. So glad you get something from the posts! No judgement on the closet. LOL!! I love that you too are taking this time to reflect and do your self-work. Yes…..we will come out of this much more centered, connected and stronger. Love you to no end. Stay healthy. Sending you virtual hugs.


  2. wow thanks for the reminder to do a body detox – i have been so busy with my house detox, i need to shift gears. have been making sure i eat healthy though!!! you and your life a such an inspiration

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    1. Thank ya, Elaine! Yes, don’t forget about the body/mind. It too wants to be cared for. Your walks and nutritiously delicious meals have been grounding, right!?


  3. kenya….. thank you beloved for sharing your love n light. when I read your posts one part of me goes to “I want to be “that” I want to do “that” I want to have “that.” yet I am quickly reminded that all things happen in time. you are my (in SO many ways) reminder that I am deserving of all that is good in this life in my time. this post is also a reminder that it’s not about measuring up to others but leveling up to a higher, greater ME!!!

    my detox began at the start of the year- don’t got to remind you of that lol. the detox of my mind, learning and unlearning, is in full effect. being fully present, accepting my “enoughness” has been the ultimate detox. I am certain that once that process has come in to what it will be, I’ll move on. it’s exciting and I am more excited.

    how amazing are you kenya. what I love and respect most is that your life gives people permission to stop asking for permission and take it/seize the moment. thank you for your love- you have planted seeds that will grow and harvest…… in their season. we love you to pieces and back together again.

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    1. Love you dearly! You got it. Remember my journey to self-love, self-compassion and letting go has been a 2 1/2 year process. What you see before you now is days, months and years of tears and extremely hard self-work and me piecing together a life of intentionality and purpose. I remember crying for 140 days straight (yep I counted). We all have our own path and journey that looks and feels so different. Yes your journey began Jan 1 and I have been SO very proud of you, you doin’ it right boo! Love you


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