Mindfulness and My Green Babies

I grew up in a house full of plants, we lived in what felt like a jungle; my mom loved plants!  It’s amazing how with each year and each breath I am going back to my roots. My mom has taught me to live fully and with intention and so this newly found love for plants makes sense.  Through my plants I can connect more deeply with her, life and my home.  My green babies are teaching me everyday…..

For over a decade my aloe plant was the only other living thing that took up space in my condo.  Aloe plants make the best kind of partner; they aren’t too needy, but they are reliable and strong.  I treasured my aloe, even using it as a Christmas tree for a few years.  No judgement please! About two years ago I added one more plant to the family, a money tree (hoping it would somehow add dollar dollar bills to my account). When I transitioned from the condo to my new home I envisioned what I wanted my new space to look and feel like. Tapping into the lifestyle of hygge and Feng Shui I knew I had to add more life to my home, so I turned to plants! Consequently, curating a space that feeds my soul mentally, physically and spiritually.


In less than I year I have gone from 3 plants to almost 30 and about 90% of them are alive and healthy!  These little green creatures have become my babies.  They have added life and a peacefulness that you can feel as soon as you walk through the door. The act of keeping them alive has become a weekly mindfulness practice. I observe the light, their leaves and their stature.  To my surprise, it’s been enlightening to learn about the living energy of plants.  We all know that plants provide oxygen, but in the practice of Feng Shui did you know they can bring you protection, money and peace?

Those who know me, know I will go to a class on just about anything.  Let me tell y’all something, plants aint cheap!  So, as soon as I bought my first $50 plant I knew I needed to learn a little something about lighting, soil and feeding these green babies.  I have taken three free classes to figure out which plants need the least amount of light and water! I have one diva plant that I added to the family and only because it is SUCH a cutie,  it is the infamous fiddle leaf fig.

To date here are my favorite low maintenance plants:

  1. Aloe
  2. ZZ
  3. Money Tree
  4. Monstera
  5. Mother-in-law tongue

Favorite book is Wild At Home by Hilton Carter.


You can’t go wrong with any of these four plants. I have added a variety of plants to my collection, but always keeping in mind the amount of watering needed and light. For those who like artificial plants, try adding a Zz plant to your home. It’s BEAUTIFUL and easy to care for. Need a new birthday gift idea, instead of giving someone a birthday gift they will not use consider giving a plant!



4 thoughts on “Mindfulness and My Green Babies”

  1. Awww your green babies look so healthy happy and well loved. You’re doing an awesome job mama!!!! I can’t wait to meet them!


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