The Healing Process

Trauma and Loss was about healing. The blog stats were off the charts, some who read were touched, empowered and inspired. Others were concerned, speechless and heartbroken.  The day after the post I opened Lion’s Roar (my Buddhist magazine) to an article titled, ” The Healing Power of the Truth by Eve Ensler.  Y’all…..she was talking about trauma, suffering and the liberation that comes with telling your story. Eve, get out of my head! She wrote:

When you write or tell what happened to you, you create wholeness by writing a narrative that makes sense of what happened. You associate with yourself by coming into your body, by coming into your story, and you reach the various tentacles of your memory. All those things are healing. 

Fingers to keyboard, pen to paper…..that’s my  healing process. Courage cannot be void of vulnerability, and trusting the process; hence the oversharing of heartbreak, loss, joy, and courage. Eve wrote: Whenever you tell a real story, you free people to be their authentic selves.  Storytelling heals.  If you have never shared your heartache or struggles you may never know how your story/experience could help another. I share because so many don’t. I share because many feel like their experiences are shameful, and they aren’t.  I share to heal.

I’ve reflected a lot on my work as a professional organizer and the quest to help folk live more intentional lives and the endless search for joy. The truth of the matter is we can’t live an authentic, intentional, joyful life without confronting our pain and taking part in our own healing. My goal is not to put all my business on the world wide web, but to serve as an example…let’s be active participants in our own healing and the healing of others.

When ready, consider sharing your story with a loved one, you just might be a catalyst to help others heal. #trusttheprocess

Love y’all.



4 thoughts on “The Healing Process”

    1. Thank ya Laney Bug! They probably do! I think my mentor Mrs. Dunston was a member in SC. She loved it!


  1. I love this! Talking about who you are and how you got here is so powerful and it’s helpful for me; I’m sure it is for other people too. Feeling kinda embarrassed right now that I didn’t comment on your last post but I found it incredibly moving and I’m grateful for your strength and vulnerability.

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    1. Thank YOU! Warms my heart to hear the post was helpful. No need to be embarrassed! Most folk read and don’t comment. I know you are behind the scenes supporting! hugs


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